Preserving Our Rich Hunting Heritage Through Management ~ Recruitment ~ Conservation~


We support and promote QDM co-ops and the QDM philosophy of deer management and conservation. Join us for one of our next events. 


Our annual deer hunt near Tiverton, Ohio is for first time hunters and those with disabilities. You can fill out an application here on the website. 


Our annual banquet and your generous donations help us with whitetail conservation in multiple ways. The annual hunt for disabled kids is a big part of it. 

Our Annual Hunt

We sponsor our annual Deer Hunt in the Tiverton, Ohio area for first-time hunters and hunters with disabilities. We outfit all the hunters with their own hunting clothing,  bows, and accessories needed for a successful hunt. Then we take the hunters out and guide them for an evening hunt. 


Our Annual Banquet

The Banquet is our main fundraiser we have to support the organization and fund the other events throughout the year. With attendance as high as 1100 people, you can be sure you will enjoy an evening of great food, fun, games and prizes all while supporting a good cause. 

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